If you are planning a hen weekend in a town or city, then what better way to add to the celebrations than a specially designed bespoke Digital Treasure Hunt that is based around the bride-to-be?! Provide us with some photos and facts and leave the rest to us.

We'll put some carefully chosen bars into the hunt so you'll never be far away from an amazing cocktail or two and our photo challenges will provide you with the perfect content for Instagram!

The best part is that the hunt starts on Friday at 12 pm and finished on Sunday at 5 pm - so you can dip in and out of it as much as you wish. That's up to 53 hours of hunting [assuming you don't sleep or do anything else in fact]!

As well as all the amazing features of our Digital Treasure Hunts, you can supply us with a range of facts, stories and pictures of the bride which we will write into your hunt, making your adventure a truly unique experience.

Be introduced to your surroundings in a totally different way as we signpost the most interesting areas, the independent shops, the most stylish bars and the yummiest restaurants. Then take the journey at your own pace. Hunt, eat, drink, shop - it's up to you! Let our innovative PuzzleDuck app guide you to creating a unique experience you'll never forget, and when it's all done, we'll send you all the photo challenges from the hunt so you can relive it again and again!

Get a picture of the team in a library

Pose in front of a

cash machine

You have the flexibility of completing the hunt as one large group or as a number of smaller teams. Either way provides an enormous amount of fun, but for the more competitive of you, the app has a built-in real-time leader board that allows you to pit hen against hen in the ultimate Digital Treasure Hunt Challenge. Every location has a series of challenges associated with it and points can be won for successfully completing them.

You can check on the progress of your opponents at all times and when the hunt ends, the leader board will reveal the team that has proven themselves to be the greatest hunters of all!

Often clients will use this as an opportunity to have a mini awards ceremony and continue the party long after the hunt is finished!