Our Digital Treasure Hunts take the party outdoors and allow you to celebrate your special occasion in a truly unique and fun-packed way. Let our innovative PuzzleDuck app help you navigate your way around a series of secret locations as you explore your chosen town/city in a way you never have before.

The challenges you will find at each location focus very much on fun! Be prepared to look for hidden clues, solve crazy logic puzzles, answer a range of trivia questions and take some of the weirdest photos you have ever taken! Your experience is designed to provide an entertaining time for all - challenges are sent to all player's phones so everyone gets involved.

Of course, we don't forget the most important person/people - they are the reason for the celebration in the first place. You can send us information about them; fun facts, embarrassing stories, bad fashion photos - and we build these into the hunt. Our customers love the personalisation of the hunts and we love creating an experience to remember.

Team selfie at the start of the hunt

Working out in the middle

of the city

You have the flexibility of completing the hunt as one large group or as a number of smaller teams. Either way provides an enormous amount of fun, but for the more competitive of you, the app has a built-in real-time leader board that allows you to pit team against team in the ultimate Digital Treasure Hunt Challenge. Every location has a series of challenges associated with it and points can be won for successfully completing them.

You can check on the progress of your opponents at all times and when the hunt ends, the leader board will reveal the team that has proven themselves to be the greatest hunters of all!

Often customers will use this as an opportunity to have a mini awards ceremony and continue the party long after the hunt is finished!