What is the difference between a hen hunt and a celebration hunt?

A hen hunt generally takes place at a weekend - although if you would like one on a weekday, just tell us! It runs from 12 pm on Friday until 5 pm on Sunday and we highlight some of the best bars in the city to you, as you arrive at the various hidden locations. A celebration hunt tends to take place on a single day and lasts for up to 12 hours. Both types of hunts are designed to allow you time off - allowing you to eat/drink/shop etc.

How do I book a hunt?

Simply fill in our contact form or drop us an email to get the ball rolling. We will then have a conversation about all the details, including the content you wish to provide for inclusion in the hunt. It will only take about 20 mins and then we will send you links for you to upload the content. That's it!

How much will it all cost?

Have a look here for the prices. Hunts must be paid for, in full, at least 2 weeks before the start date.

How do I send you the content?

We will provide you with links to online forms that will allow you to type the information in and upload any photos you wish to. We can then access this content and build it into your hunt.

How many people can do a hunt?

As many as you want! Our unique PuzzleDuck app enables you to group people into teams and set up as many teams as you wish. But if you all want to be in just one large team - then that's OK too! The real-time leaderboard will show the progress of every team and their scores, so you'll always know

How long does a hunt last?

The great thing about our hunts is that they are not a race against the clock - although we can do this if you want us to. Essentially they are designed to enable you to take your time and take in the sights. The only restrictions on time are that a hen hunt begins at 12 pm on a Friday and ends at 5 pm on a Sunday, and the celebration hunt begins at 9 am on the chosen date and finishes at 9 pm.

What if it rains?

We all know that the UK is sometimes a bit wet and it may well rain during your hunt. However, they last long enough to allow you to seek shelter for a while until the weather improves. Many of our locations are close to a bar and these might be the place to retire to! 

Are these hunts suitable for children?

The celebration hunts are very suitable for children - in fact, they're often the best puzzle solvers a team can have!

When we build our hunts, we are always mindful of ensuring that they are as accessible and inclusive as possible. As they mostly take place outside, we create routes that minimise the need to use steps and try to ensure that cross points over roads have ramps - although roadworks may impact upon this.

We will also make sure that there are good public transport services for players not arriving in a car - however, we of course cannot guarantee these services will be running.

Our hunts are visual and therefore visually impaired players may choose to have a member of the team that is able to read the information out should that be necessary.

How accessible are these hunts?

Where does the hunt start from?

As the locations on the hunt can be visited in any order, we will provide teams with a "general area" from which to start. You will generally never have more than a 10 minute journey to a location.

Mostly yes, although there may be some trips inside. For example, art galleries or museums that hold the answer to a challenge. However, players will always be given an option as to whether they wish to go inside for a challenge or remain outside. On hen hunts, bars will be pointed out to players if they wish to "take a break" in them!

Is the hunt entirely outdoors?

You'll be outside and in the UK - so that should give you some idea! In all seriousness, just make sure you are comfortable and have decent footwear on. You'll be on your feet for some time, so substance is certainly better than style here.

What should I wear?

Will my phone use much data/power?

As far as data is concerned, the PuzzleDuck app will use very little. Generally no more than 25MB and most of this is taken up by the photo challenges. Power is always a difficult one as different players use their phones in different ways. If you are simply using the PuzzleDuck app, then a 120 mins hunt will require around 30% battery power. But if you make phone calls, update social media and hunt all at the same time, then you'll need a lot more! Our best advice is try to start with 100% power and if you have access to a portable charger even better.